Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is intended to be a process for creating positive change in one’s life. Our human yearning is to push our growing edge to think, feel and respond, with more confidence, with more commitment, and with renewed clarity in our lives.

We’ve helped countless people to gain positive ground over their traumatic experiences in our safe, supportive environment. We offer a variety of therapeutic approaches to best support you and work with you as an equal collaborator in your treatment and healing.

Here at the WCC we regard the therapeutic relationship as a collaborative one. Our commitment to you is to respect your intelligence and wisdom, and to honor the forces of positive growth already present within you. We will support you to grow beyond negative patterns of the past, and empower you to move forward with freedom in your life.


Many people describe therapy as a journey, and welcome the opportunity to become more conscious about their inner world, and their potential to open doors to new opportunities in their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Here at the WCC we challenge you to face the fears and lets us walk with you.