Everyone, including you, is welcome at our practice. Here at the Works Counseling Center, we do not discriminate. Our goal is to create a space where radical, creative, thoughtful, intelligent, passionate individuals like you are invited to show up as your whole authentic self, where you are seen and celebrated while also healing old wounds, strengthening self-worth, and learning new coping skills.

Every counselor here is wanting to watch you grow into your most authentic self. We just ask that you bring your bravery along with your worries, your insecurities, confusion, and pain. We understand there will be shame and fear around starting this journey, but we just ask you shoot for progress and not perfection.




Sex Positive Therapy

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Progress Not Perfection

No matter what you are going through, this space was created for you,
because this is a place of unconditional acceptance.
Works Counseling Center

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Are You a Great Friend?

Are You a Great Friend?

This topic stemmed from a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine. We were discussing what it means to truly be a great friend. We examined the people in our lives and what position we would consider them to be in. It was immediately apparent that many of these...

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The Importance of Boundary Setting

The Importance of Boundary Setting

It is a challenge to learn the art of setting boundaries. It comes with feelings of discomfort, upsetting people, but most importantly it betters your mental health. There are many areas of life that setting boundaries can be very beneficial when it comes to...

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