WCC Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in Works Counseling Center’s internship program. Ongoing education is one of our core values. We value being part of a collaborative team environment as well as the opportunity to share what we have learned with a new generation of therapists.

Through our internship program, WCC seeks to provide an environment that provides interns with the fullest experience of a counselor in private practice as well as comprehensive supervision. In addition to meeting with clients, interns will have the opportunity to consult with experienced counselors in different areas of specialization, and to learn about the leadership and business skills necessary for establishing a thriving private practice.

Highlights of the Practicum/Internship Experiences:

  • Receive at least one hour of individual supervision per week
  • Ability to participate in a group supervision process with all staff therapists
  • Gain experience using a standardized national assessment tool
  • Accumulate clinical hours through triage, individual counseling, and group counseling
  • Improve your knowledge and skills through professional development training opportunities
  • Use of a customizable electronic medical records platform
  • You will receive support and feedback every step of the way


  • Prefer a minimum commitment of 2 semesters
  • Group hours cannot be guaranteed at this time.


  • 15 available clients a week
  • 5 admin hours


  • 20 available clients a week
  • 5 admin hours


Interns receive education and have experiences that develop skills around:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Organizational leadership & development
  • Resource development
  • Clinical mental health counseling
  • Clinical Diagnosis, Assessment, Treatment Planning & Documentation


  • Interns have a variety of different responsibilities including:
  • Direct client care
  • Group & Workshop facilitation
  • Blog contribution
  • Front desk duties
  • Social media management* (sporadic)

Applications Due By:

  • Applications for the fall semester are due by April 1.
    August Start
  • Applications for the spring semester are due by October 1.
    January Start
  • Applications for the summer semester are due by February 1.
    May/June Start

Opportunities Beyond Internship

Upon successful completion of internship, WCC interns will potentially be invited to continue on with WCC. In addition, WCC deliberately exposes interns to a variety of professionals within the field of mental health to provide interns with ideas regarding options beyond graduation

For more information intake@workscounselingcenter.com.

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