Give your teen the camp experience you wish you had:

School is essential for a lot of different reasons. It provides a place for students to improve in academic areas such as sports and go on certain field trips like college visits. However, where is the student going to learn about life? Where are they going to learn about self-love and its importance? Where will they learn techniques to cope with the anxieties of being a teenager in a social media-driven world? I may have just the place! Have you ever heard of a Self Love Camp? I know it sounds hippie-like, but these camps actually exist; there is actually one right here in the Nashville area. This camp is not just about fun and games; it’s about equipping your teen with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of teenage life. What would be the benefit of going to a camp like this? Well, let me tell you just how cool and beneficial this camp is:

  • It is only one week, so the teen still has the freedom of their summer
  • Provides a space to meet and build relationships with other teens in the area
  • Focuses on social and emotional learning techniques
  • Allows the camper to explore their creative side through art and nature
  • Gifts the camper with skills that will transfer across all relationships

There are numerous benefits to a Self-Love Camp. If I had the chance to attend this style of camp as much as I attended basketball or cheer camps, I would be a much more secure and confident teen. Give your teen the chance to experience something you may have needed growing up.

Cierra & Risha