Behavioral Concerns

Behavioral issues in children are complex. The causes are often multifactorial, and manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including social withdrawal, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, aggression, self-harming, and poor academic performance.

Often, parents and other adults assume a child’s “acting out” is the result of a lack of discipline when in reality the real issue may lie deeper. Some children might need an outlet to express themselves but don’t know how. Or, an underlying behavioral concern may exist, which could include:

  • A developmental disorder
  • A behavioral disorder
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum disorder(s)
  • Childhood anxiety or depression, or other mental health concerns

Whatever the cause(s), our team is here to help and create an individualized treatment plan that can include therapy, skills training, family counseling, or a combination of these. We collaborate with educators, health care professionals, psychiatrists, and other caregivers to assure a comprehensive plan and successful outcome.

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