I doubt much explanation is needed when it comes to the age old saying “Don’t cry over spilled milk”. Essentially we’ve all been taught “not to sweat the small stuff” and focus on what really matters…but what happens when life gets to be a little too much, you know your milk has already spilled and you just kind of leave it there because people are right it’s the least of your concerns? I’ve found myself here more often than not recently as life is life and there are inevitably seasons in which some are more harsh than others. I’ve noticed my spilled milk has started to stink and know I should do something about it but it feels like the energy it will take to make that spot like new again is immense.

This is where I’ve realized I need to take a moment to pause.. reflect on the H.A.L.T. if you will. What’s in my power and control, right here, right now? What have I been missing or forgetting? Have I been Hungry (H) Angry (A) Lonely (L) or Tired (T)? A combination of everything? Am I taking care of my basic needs? If I’m being truthful and as you may have already guessed, I haven’t.. So what do I need to do? For me, I need to start listening, start paying attention to the cues my body and brain have been giving me about taking a time to pause and cater to me. I’m a person who derives great value in helping others as evidenced by my profession but I need to remember the basics. I can’t care for others if I don’t care for myself.

So what’s on my agenda for today? Start working on my spilled milk.. I’m going to take a shower, get something yummy to eat and eat intentionally. I’m going to reach out to a friend for the connection I so desperately need but have been putting aside and above all else…. I’m going to take a giant nap. All of this probably won’t take all of the stink out from my spoiled milk right away but it’s sure a start…besides…what is it the peeps say these days? Progress not perfection? I think I can live with that. For any others out there whose milk is also spoiling you’re not alone, it’s okay, it can be cleaned up..maybe not all at once dependent on the size of the spill but it can be done and you certainly don’t have to clean it up alone. Please reach out to whomever, whenever should you need it. I know we’ll be here for you too. You got this my fellow spill warrior, you got this!