Happy New Year! We begin a new year with new year’s resolutions in efforts to better ourselves. However, so many times we find ourselves taking on too big of a goal. When we don’t achieve our resolutions, we are left feeling like a failure which is often accompanied by feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety.

Whether you are starting this new year wanting to fulfill incomplete resolutions from last year, or hoping to achieve new goals, here are some tips on how to achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

Start with a small goal

The way to create an attainable goal is by creating small habits every day that bring us closer to this goal. Wake up each day and ask yourself “What can I do with these 24 hours that will bring me closer to this goal?” Breaking down the goal into smaller, daily achievable goals will pay off in the long run even though it may not seem as groundbreaking on a day-to-day basis. When we complete one small thing each day, we also increase our motivation towards the goal. Think of it as positive reinforcement.

Progress, not perfection! 

The Works Counseling Center Motto! We often give up on a resolution when we encounter setbacks. Life is full of setbacks, but with perseverance we are capable of anything! Achieving goals takes hard work, and most days won’t look perfect as we try to do everything right to achieve the resolution. Acknowledge the progress you have made towards your resolution and see how far you have come since setting the resolution. If we focus on the fact that we have not made it there yet, we can start to feel like a failure and lose our motivation towards the goal.

Don’t compare yourself to others

“Comparison is the thief of joy – Theodore Roosevelt.” Only you know yourself and what you need to improve. What may look like progress for you, might not for someone else. And that’s ok! Here at Works Counseling Center, we want to watch you grow into the most authentic version of you! Everyone completes their goals in their own time. In the age of social media, it is easy to look at other’s and focus on what we wish we had or what we are lacking. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

Find a support system

Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow. Surrounding ourselves with people who have similar goals can help increase our motivation and support in attaining those goals. Working on our goals with a friend can increase our accountability too! Share your New Year’s Resolution with your therapist at Works Counseling Center. Together, you can brainstorm ideas on how to achieve this resolution and ways to sustain it.

As you embark on your New Year’s Resolution, remember to enjoy the journey in getting there. Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself. Your productivity is not your worth.