So, you’ve made the decision to begin working on being your most authentic self, heal old wounds, or strengthen your self-worth. In that decision, you may have noticed that Works Counseling Center has several therapists to choose from, with several specialties and backgrounds!

In this blog, I wanted to talk about something specific to each of the therapists at Works Counseling — the difference between an intern therapist, unlicensed therapist, and a licensed therapist.

Intern Therapist

Intern therapists are masters level students who have not completed all the requirements to graduate. They have taken all required coursework, but need practical experience working with real clients.

Obviously, these therapists are new in the field, but have still been trained and receive supervision from the WCC team weekly — in addition to weekly supervision at their school. If you are seeing an intern, you are in good hands, plus their fees are super low!

One down side, their internship will not last forever. A con to seeing an intern, is that once their internship is over, they may be moving onto a different practice and be unavailable for future services as WCC.

Unlicensed Therapists

Unlicensed therapists are typically masters level clinical therapists and have graduated from school, they just have not met all the state requirements for licensure. Each unlicensed therapist meets with a clinical supervisor weekly, to ensure best practice and to receive consultation regarding difficult cases.

Unlicensed therapists typically have 2-4 years experience and have a speciality area (trauma, anger, OCD, etc.) and cost more than an Intern. They are here to stay and have experience in the field!

Licensed Therapists

Licensed therapists have several years of experience and have passed all requirements by the state board for licensure. They have the ability to diagnose and provide super bills for possible insurance reimbursement. Their speciality area is well known to them and they have the credentials and certifications to back it up!

Licensed therapists are generally more expensive due to their experience and specialization.

Some common questions that are asked by our potential clients:

What is a specialty area?
Just as some medical doctors practice in certain areas (family medicine, ENT, cardiologist), so do therapists! If you present with a specific issues (OCD, PTSD, anger management, etc.) that requires specific care, WCC has the right counselor for you! Most of our therapists have a specialty area and possess an in-depth of knowledge regarding the best treatment option.

Will I get better if I am seeing an intern or unlicensed therapist?<
Yes! Each therapist at WCC has been carefully selected because of his or her ability to help others, provide evidenced based treatment in a professional manner, and has the clinical education to help you succeed in you becoming your authentic self!

What is a supervisor? Will they be sitting in on our sessions?
All intern and unlicensed therapists have a supervisor who acts as a clinical consultant. The state of Tennessee requires that each therapist in training receive a certain amount of weekly consultation. No, supervisors will not be sitting in your sessions – all therapist practice independently.

What if I don’t like the therapist I’ve been assigned?
ell us! We want your experience to be the best and we understand that not every therapist is a goof fit. If it is a change in therapists that is needed, we would be more than happy to make the change, but prices may be different.