Summer is 40 days away; act fast!

Summer is 40 days away! Yes, 40, I know, crazy, right, especially considering that it has been feeling like summer for some time now in the Nashville area. Summertime is essential for teens as this is a chance to spend time with friends, travel, and take a break from all things school-related. Summer is also a chance to improve on various skills at camps. There are many camps, but you rarely can attend a self-love camp. I know you’re thinking I’ve heard of swimming and basketball camps, but what in the world is a “self-love” camp? Well, I’m glad you asked. This summer, your teen will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and ways to show love inwardly, which will then translate outwardly to others.

Camps like these are essential for teens to battle so many issues at school that parents are unaware of, or if they are aware, they are unsure how to help address them. By attending this camp, your teen will foster new relationships with other teens and tap into their creative side while learning self-love and care techniques. Unlike other camps where your teen could feel like just another number, this camp will have a small group setting, creating a safe space for your teen. We would love to detail the day for you, but this is all about your teen! Just trust that they will leave better than they arrived. Plus, what would you talk about on the ride home or at the dinner table if we told you everything? See, we’re thinking about making your job easier as a parent. Don’t wait! Summer is literally right around the corner. Allow this camp to be the balance of fun and self-discovery that your teen needs!