Well friends here we are again, alas I find myself struggling to put words on a page and come up with something super fancy and articulate to say in a deep, meaningful and profound way. Have you ever reached that level of tiredness where the days seem to blur together and you do that thing where you count down to the hours/minutes you can go to bed and try to get the maximum benefit? For example, as I write this (which I initially spelt.. right) it’s only 8:45 in the morning but I have already calculated the time it will take to complete the things on my calendar today, and if all goes well the time in which I can go home, and by the time I complete those tasks the time in which I can hopefully go to bed (with kids nothing is guaranteed) and if I don’t stay up scrolling endlessly on my phone through nonsense for too long this is how much sleep I may be able to get. Even though all of that may wishful thinking and the world doesn’t always work in our favor, my soul could use a nap.

So…being the therapist I am, I have found myself asking what do you do with this Elliott? You know you need sleep, without sleep you’re like the angry version of the Kool-Aid man trying not to spill all your insides on the outside world. This is where I have found that despite my best efforts of trying to help myself I realized I can’t. I don’t know about you but when I’m tired I by no means think rationally, thus I must ask for help. It’s amazing what can happen when you do. Even though I am still tired I was given the gift of having a mother-in-law who could watch the kiddo for some much needed rest this weekend. Getting the time to reset is/was much needed. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I needed a break until one was given. What about you? Where is your reset meter at? Are you still trying to do this all on your own? Need a little extra help? That’s okay we all do! Whether you’re tired like me, or life has been unrelenting with all sorts of good and bad in between, we all need breaks at some point in time. Call, talk, text, or send courier pigeons to those that you need to asking for that break. You can even reach out to us here at Works Counseling Center as we’d be happy to help give you some tools to take that break. You deserve it! We all do.