Hello there. My name is Shelby, and I am one of the counselors here at the Works Counseling Center. Fall is here, the leaves are changing, and Halloween is just a few short weeks away. Let’s check in. How are you? Have you thought about going to counseling recently? Are you already there? Since you clicked on this blog post, maybe fear is holding you back from getting started or digging deeper with your therapist. That’s okay. Being afraid of counseling is pretty common. Today, I want to address some of the fears that you may experience as a current client, or as someone considering getting started. Let’s dig in.

Some Fears You May Be Experiencing:

1. What if my therapist judges me?

Going to counseling is vulnerable, and vulnerability can be scary. Oftentimes when we seek counseling, we are challenged to talk about things that we don’t usually share easily. We come to process and work through thoughts and behaviors that commonly bring about uncomfortable feelings of embarrassment, anger, guilt or shame. It is possible that you have already judged yourself…a lot. You are not looking to be judged anymore. American psychologist, Carl Rogers, believed that a therapist needed to embody three qualities for therapy to be effective: 1.

Congruence, 2. Unconditional positive regard, and 3. Accurate empathy. Your therapist is a part of your team; the voice in your head that is judging your every move? May not be…

2. What if it’s too much and I can’t handle it?

Sometimes we are afraid that if we start counseling, we will unearth something that we can’t handle. We fear that sitting in our emotions and sifting through our “stuff” will be too unbearable, and that we are better off avoiding the discomfort. The truth is, if you are considering or are already in counseling, you are probably already existing in discomfort. The difference is, it is a discomfort that you know. Your therapist can work alongside you to help you identify and practice adaptive coping skills to use when you feel like it’s too much. Part of your therapist’s job is to help you safely navigate those uncomfortable experiences, and to support you when you are getting out of your window of tolerance so that you can regulate.

3. What if I can’t afford it?

At the Works Counseling Center, we pride ourselves on making therapy more accessible. We are currently paneled with Cigna and accepting some insurance policies. We also offer reduced rate and sliding scale payment options, and intern sessions at significantly reduced rates. If cost is something you’re afraid of, we hear you. The cost of your mental health is greater, and we want to support you on your journey to wellness. If you are interested in reduced cost services and want to know more about your options, feel free to reach out.

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Remember, it’s okay to be afraid.
Let’s check in again soon.

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