The holiday season is quickly approaching. If you’re in school, that means finals are coming up. If you’re in the workforce, deadlines are approaching. Regardless of if you’re in school, working, or neither, the holidays can bring up heavy emotions. It is easy to become overwhelmed in this season. There are plenty of things that may feel overwhelming in the last few months of the calendar year. Here are some tips to make the stress less overpowering.

Practice Mindfulness: 

When it feels like everything is going on at once, it can be challenging to take a moment to breathe. These moments to breathe are key to functioning well. If we do not take time for ourselves, how can we be there for others? Some examples of mindfulness you can incorporate into your life are yoga, gratitude journals, and guided meditations. Try to spend just ten minutes a day giving yourself to relax and notice your breath!

Write It Out: 

Journaling can be so helpful in processing our emotions. Sometimes, it can feel like our thoughts are just swimming around in a bowl of alphabet soup. Journaling can help string those letters into full sentences and allow us to really feel what we are experiencing. Journaling does not have to be writing paragraphs before bed every night (it can if you want it to be!) Even if you only journal on the days when the emotions feel a bit too difficult to manage, it takes some of that weight off of your shoulders.


Make a list of the things that are overwhelming you! Do you need to go to the store to get groceries, finish an assignment that is due at midnight, and study for an exam that is next week? Prioritize what needs to be done first. Do you have enough groceries to last you until tomorrow? Then finish the assignment and study a bit for the test. Go to the store in the morning and take your time. Don’t forget to add some time for yourself into the mix!


Let others know if you are feeling overwhelmed. They may be able to help you! Maybe your roommate was planning on going to the grocery store and could pick up the things you need, giving you more time to focus on the assignment and exam. It can be difficult to take on everything as one individual. Let others know what you need, they may just know exactly what to do.


Sleep! One of the most important points to make! When it feels like everything is piling up, making sure you take time to sleep is key. You cannot put your best foot forward unless you give yourself time to rest. Stress levels increase when you are feeling overwhelmed, which causes your immune system to work extra hard. Give your immune system a break and make sure to catch up on your sleep, even when it feels like there are more important things. Your health is important!