As 2022 approaches in a matter of days, many of us have already developed goals for the new year. The goals we have vary by individual, some of us might have fitness goals, business goals, etc. What if one of your goals is to improve your mental health? If you’ve never been to therapy it can be frightening when we don’t know what to expect. I invite you to explore therapy. Just like anything in life, we won’t know until we try. I remember years back when I had my first therapy session. I was pregnant at the time as I was sitting in the waiting area, I could feel that my hands were sweaty, I felt my face flush and could not stop these sensations. My therapist finally came out to get me, she introduced herself and I followed her back to her office. We walked into her office and I remember looking around the whole room, taking it all in. I finally sat on the couch across from her and our session began. As we got further into the session my hands were finally no longer sweaty, I could feel that my body had relaxed. When our session was over, I was convinced I would schedule for a second session.

Fast forward years later, when I think back on my mental wellness journey, I am so glad I took that big leap and started therapy. So much so, that I am now on a career path to become a therapist. So if your goal this year is to begin therapy, I encourage you to do so. As a therapist it’s important to me that I create a space where clients feel safe to express themselves freely and be their authentic selves. There can be seasons in our lives where life is just really hard, and that is understandable. A therapist can walk beside you and support you in those difficult seasons.