About Megan Schnupp Hyatt

Megan Schnupp Hyatt

95 White Bridge Pike Suite 400
Nashville , TN 37205
Fax: 615-570-1199

Megan (she/her) believes that the therapy room is the best place to come as you are, as your whole and authentic self. Therapy isn’t meant to be stuffy and prescriptive, and neither is the work she does. As your therapist, she welcomes you to show up as you are, unapologetically, and she will do the same. Her version of therapy is open, collaborative, and integrative with somatic work and creative therapies included. Whether you are just starting your healing journey, or are looking for a change of direction, Megan is here to witness your journey.


Megan received a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Belmont University in August of 2023. She is currently pursuing her PhD at Belmont University with an Advanced Clinical Practice focus. Before her counseling career, Megan received a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Rhetoric in 2020. Megan worked as a Human Resources Business Partner and a freelance writer before going to pursue her master’s degree.

My Style:

Megan most enjoys working with those aged 16 and up, and those who are dealing with addiction and recovery, anxiety, grief, relationship concerns, trauma, and specifically religious trauma. As someone who practices self-healing through meditation and grounding, and an avid believer in the mind-body connection, Megan utilizes a holistic and integrative approach to healing. While in session, you’ll be able to process what’s on your mind, while also exploring how that feels in your body, and how to reconnect with your somatic self. Megan is also open to engaging in spiritual discussion and working collaboratively on how to connect with your mind, body, and spirit. Megan also often utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, internal family systems, gestalt, polyvagal theory, and somatic experiencing. Megan believes that inner child work can be critical to healing and will walk the road with you as you engage with your former self, and even restore your childlike wonder. Megan believes that you are the expert in your own life, and through empathetic understanding and unconditional positive regard, she is here simply to witness and walk alongside you in your healing journey.


In her spare time, Megan can best be defined as a “crazy animal lady.” She owns her own reptile rescue, Rescaled Reptile Rescue, and shares her home and farm space with over 50 animals, including parrots, horses, donkeys, cats, dogs, and her reptiles. Megan is also an avid reader and nature photographer.


Ages 16 and up, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and individuals dealing with addiction and recovery, trauma, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, and religious trauma.

Please note: all therapists at Works Counseling Center are LGBT+ competent and committed to anti racism.