About Nick Gowen

Nick Gowen
95 White Bridge Pike Suite 400
Nashville , TN 37205
Fax: 615-570-1199

Nick Gowen (he/him) is a clinical mental health counselor whose approach to counseling is rooted in the belief that empowerment, inclusivity, and meaningful connection can heal people. He works with adults, couples, and families, and has a special interest in serving older adults, people going through major life transitions (including work, family, and home), and LGBTQ+ clients.


Nick is a licensed professional counselor/mental health service provider (LPC-MHSP temp.). He received his master’s degree in counselor education from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, where he focused on LGBTQIA+ clients and issues related to aging. He received his bachelor’s degree from Centre College in Danville, KY.

Outside of his clinical practice, Nick has been heavily involved in mental health advocacy. From 2017 to 2019 he served on the board for the Virginia Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling (VA-ALGBTIC) and organized a statewide course on trans-inclusive and gender-affirming counseling practices. He also served on the founding committee of AgeWell at Virginia Tech, an initiative to bring changes to counselor education in gerontological training, practice, and research. He now serves on the board for the Center for Clinical Training.

My Style

I aim to be a fellow traveler on my clients’ journeys to healing, and I walk alongside clients as they come to understand what makes life most fulfilling for them. In my work with clients, we often explore the question: What do you want from life that you aren’t getting right now?
You might want the ability to find peace in a hectic world, or to look inward, think, and reflect. You might crave more meaning and purpose in your daily life, a desire to be in relation to others, or the courage to grow into your true self. Whatever brings you to counseling, I am honored to be part of the journey.

If this is your first time in counseling—or if you’ve had negative experiences with mental health providers in the past —I aim to provide a comfortable, welcoming, and stigma-free space. I also work to “demystify” the process of counseling and help clients identify the strengths that they already possess.


Originally from Central Kentucky, Nick has spent the majority of his life in the South and is happy to call Nashville home. He lives with his husband, Mark, and enjoys hiking in the Warner Parks, racing to complete the Sunday crossword puzzle, and attempting to learn jazz piano.


  • LGBTQIA+, including parents and families of children who identify as LGBTQIA+ • Issues unique to the aging process
  • Relationship issues, including in polycule/nontraditional relationships
  • Self-esteem and identity forming
  • Caregivers of people with physical or mental differences (including dementia and Alzheimer’s)
  • Support for essential workers and their families

Please note: all therapists at Works Counseling Center are LGBT+ competent and committed to anti racism.